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Erosion Control Products from Holden, Massachusetts

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Count on us for products to keep your soil safe and healthy. Arello Inc. in Holden, Massachusetts, offers erosion control products for residential and commercial customers.

Hydroseeding Equipment
Trust our state-of-the-art equipment to tackle any job. Apex® Extreme, Finn®, and Kincaid® hydroseeders hold between 800–5,000 gallons of hydroseed and can be used for multiple resources. These evenly mix all of your seed, mulch, and fertilizer to spray onto the soil surface.

GeoMatrix® Hydromulch
GeoMatrix is a premium wood mulch customized to your site's specific soil composition. Industry experts acknowledge GeoMatrix products at the next generation of effective erosion control.

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Customized Soil Protection
Soil samples collected from your site are analyzed in our lab to determine their electromagnetic and chemical profiles. Then, additives that complement your soil's composition are combined with the GeoMatrix base. The result is a customized, durable product that provides maximum soil stabilization for your particular soil.

Hybrid Grass Cultivars
Choose from a wide range of disease- and drought-resistant grass types, including Kentucky Blue Grass. Consult with us that the grass species you choose corresponds with your site's environmental condition. Based on your particular needs, the right seed can be provided as well.

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